Slightly larger than an olive, the Kumquat looks like a tiny, ovoid orange. A native of China, but also grown in Japan and the United States, the Kumquat is a citrus fruit that is entirely edible. The orange flesh of the Kumquat is juicy and sweet, while its skin is acidic, fragrant, and tart. Although the Kumquat can be served fresh and mixed in salads, it is more commonly cooked and used in syrups and preserves. Kumquats from RVO are available in both 10# and 8/8 oz. units. Kumquats are a unique member of the citrus family. They are small, egg-shaped, and can be eaten whole. The rind is bright orange and tart-flavored. The pulp is wonderfully fragrant and juicy. They can be used in dressings and frostings, candied, or used in preserves, stuffings, cakes, and muffins. The word “kumquat” comes from the Cantonese kin kü, meaning ”golden orange.”  Kumquats make a wonderfully delicious gift for the New Year.

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