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Roots to Retail – supports sustainable growing and works to reduce our carbon footprint

We not only grow the product, we pack it and bring the fruit to market. Rainbow Valley Orchards is a one-stop shop.

For over 30 years Rainbow Valley Orchards (RVO) has been selling organic citrus fruit to the North American marketplace, often without notoriety or fanfare more commonly seen in the produce industry. Now with the increasing consumer awareness and interest to know the who, what and way food is grown, RVO is pleased to be recognized in the organic produce industry as a direct provider of citrus that is consistently grown, harvested and packed with careful consideration given to flavor, freshness and cleanliness. These are the valued goals we work toward for every sale and shipment of fruit.

So, whether it is a large scale farming operation meeting the national consumer need for organic citrus or a small local Southern California citrus grower who gets to see his/her fruit sold locally, we consider it a privilege to represent organic growers and bring their fruit to the market when it is really ready to eat. The choice we made years ago, when the value of organic was hardly recognized, is rewarding when we know people like you care. From our Family to yours, please enjoy the flavor of organic citrus, just the way it was grown.


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