Sales and Supply Info

Custom Packing Facility

Rainbow Valley Orchards has a complete high speed, state-of-the-art packing facility that is programmed for customized packs and programs to your specifications. We understand your business has different levels of consumer needs. Please ask about our “Quick Turns” program. Take advantage of half packs for lower volume stores within your company where Organic sales are still in the infancy stages.


We want to invest in your business. Please take advantage of our high volume programs such as our Bin Program. We offer full and half bins containing both bulk and bag programs year-round. For those of you who like the “hands free” program and have the capability to roll out pallets onto your sales floor, ask about our pallet/carton program. This program enables the consumer to buy a single bag or a full carton.

Problem solving

We at RVO know that the number one problem today in organics is getting the “organic” product through the register. We offer scalability programs through our color-savvy bags and clamshell programs. The UPC insures the tracking of sales through package products. The package program also offers uniformity; introduce your Produce Department with Mother Nature’s Green and Yellow color scheme and help your cashiers successfully recognize and ring up Organic produce.

organic_stickerWith the growing concern for bulk product, we have enlisted ourselves again to make it easier for the cashier to pick out organic product by enhancing the Number 9 in the PLU, along with bold letters shouting ORGANIC, which  increases visibility not only for the Cashier but, most importantly, for the consumer.

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