Rainbow Valley Orchards’ Philosophy

Since 1981, we have been directly involved with the promotion and development of organically grown citrus, avocados and sub-tropical fruits grown in Southern California. It is with the belief that it is our responsibility to be respectful stewards of our created earth that we work and manage a company of dedicated people who lend support to the overall development of organic, sustainable agriculture and viable, responsible methods of recycling and usage of our cherished resources.

Mission Statement

Our mission is two-fold and involves both growers and buyers of organic products. It starts with the promotion and development of organic fruits at the grower level. Our involvement here begins with the sponsoring and leading of local educational seminars and workshops so that our growers stay informed of the latest, most effective organic farming methods, as well as the ever changing organic agricultural industry.

We also provide services to help them with their purchase of organic materials and pest management decisions, as well as provide them with the best possible price for their produce. In essence, our mission is to assist our growers in the preparation and representation of their fruit with the purpose of bringing to the market the highest quality packed, organic fruit available. In doing this, our mission is fulfilled when we know that we have provided our growers with the highest possible returns for their fruit each year.

But serving the grower in this way is only one half of what we do. We believe that our mission involves Rainbow Valley Orchards in the development and service of sales and marketing relationships with those companies throughout the world that desire to buy organic. Therefore, we promote, educate and, in every way possible, work to expand the market demand for the organic fruits that are increasingly being supplied by our growers.

So our mission is to actively participate in both areas of grower and buyer development and maintenance while marketing Rainbow Valley Orchards as the best quality and most reliable source for Certified Organic Citrus, Avocados and Sub-tropical Fruits on the domestic U.S. and International markets

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