We offer a variety of organic produce throughout the year. With over 40 years of experience, we make organic easy!

Our custom packing houses specialize in unique packs to fit your needs. We focus on the market trends for day-to-day business, but understand the value of Value Buys and that promoting volume can be essential to your business.

Availability Chart

Market Packs
38lb bulk
Valencia 10/4lb or 12/3lb
Grapefruit 8/5lb, 10/4lb, or 8/4lb
Lemons 18/2lb, 9/2lb, or 24/1lb
Limes 24/1lb

Added Value Packs
Tri-wall 150/4lb bags Choice units
Tri-wall 700lb Bulk units
1/2 cartons 22lb units

Added Value Items
Blood Oranges
Dragon Fruit
Buddha Hand
Pink Variegated Lemons

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