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Rainbow Valley understands flavor. We only want to offer items that we would be proud to serve to guests visiting our homes. So, why not offer our customers the same hospitality. We know that flavor is the most important component in any product. Flavor is what will keep the consumer coming back for more. We believe driving sales through consumption is the best way to sustain your customers’ business. We hope our hard research and countless growing hours are shown in the flavor and quality of our products, enjoy!

Buddha Hand

buddha_handBuddha Hand 5ct

Buddha Hand is a delicious fragrant symbol of happiness, longevity, and good fortune. This traditional temple offering and New Year’s gift is actually a form of the citron, an extremely fragrant and commonly misshapen fruit indigenous to the lower Himalayas. Closely related to the lemon, the Buddha’s Hand segments branch off at the bottom into gnarled, finger-like protrusions. Known as “fo-shou” in China and “bushukan” in Japan, the impressive Buddha’s Hand has a mysterious history. Scholars cannot agree whether Buddhist monks carried it from India to China around the fourth century A.D. or if it developed naturally in the Yangtze Valley from another citron variety. Either way, America now can enjoy this tangy spectacle. Enjoy Buddha’s Hand as a seasonal ornamental fruit or in any recipe that calls for lemon zest such as biscotti, fruit compotes, casseroles, and soufflés.


tangerines 12/16oz bags, 5lb cartons and 25lb cartons

Items: Satsuma, Lee, Orlando, Royal, Clementine, Nova, Gold Nugget, Pixie, Dancy, Tahoe Gold and Tango tangerines.

Meyer Lemons

meyer_lemons12/16oz and 25lb Cartons

Once grown only as an ornamental garden lemon and frequently found only at farmers’ markets, the Meyer Lemon has slowly graduated into commercial production. Unlike its two popular counterparts (Eureka and Lisbon), the Meyer Lemon is favored for its mild, sweet, juicy flesh. Although still too tart to eat out-of-hand, Meyer Lemons are useful for flavoring both savory and sweet dishes alike. On fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit desserts, use Meyer Lemons as a low calorie seasoning. Use Meyer Lemon juice as a delicious, fresh alternative to high fat salad dressings and sauces.

Pink Variegated Lemons

pink_lemon5lb / 10lb

Beautiful inside and out! They have distinctive green and yellow variegated stripes and a pink blush to the skin. These lemons have pink flesh, clear juice, and a wonderful lemon flavor. They have few seeds, along with a nice tartness that gives a kick to everything they are used in. They are well suited for desserts because of their strong flavor. Variegated Pink Lemons can be served fresh with salads and fish, and are great when added to poultry and vegetable dishes. These lemons also make great pink lemonade.

Blood Oranges


Blood Oranges fresh from California – are in abundant supply December through the month of June. Named for their deep pink or red-streaked flesh, Blood Oranges are sweetly flavored. Their skins may have a reddish blush. Smaller than an average orange with slightly rougher skin, Blood Oranges are juicy and best when eaten fresh. They are also popular with chefs for use in cooked sauces.

Cara Cara Oranges


Cara Cara Oranges – also known as the red navel orange, it originated at the Hacienda de Cara Cara in Valencia, Venezuela. Cara Cara Oranges have a bright orange peel and pink raspberry colored flesh. Its taste is sweet with undertones of sweet cherry, with a low acid profile. Very juicy and best when eaten fresh out of hand, Cara Caras are also popular with chefs for use in cooked sauces.


Slightly larger than an olive, the Kumquat looks like a tiny, ovoid orange. A native of China, but also grown in Japan and the United States, the Kumquat is a citrus fruit that is entirely edible. The orange flesh of the Kumquat is juicy and sweet, while its skin is acidic, fragrant, and tart. Although the Kumquat can be served fresh and mixed in salads, it is more commonly cooked and used in syrups and preserves. Kumquats from RVO are available in both 10# and 8/8 oz. units. Kumquats are a unique member of the citrus family. They are small, egg-shaped, and can be eaten whole. The rind is bright orange and tart-flavored. The pulp is wonderfully fragrant and juicy. They can be used in dressings and frostings, candied, or used in preserves, stuffings, cakes, and muffins. The word “kumquat” comes from the Cantonese kin kü, meaning ”golden orange.”  Kumquats make a wonderfully delicious gift for the New Year.

My family and I used to live in San Luis Obispo, CA, but now live in a small town in the mountains of Colorado. My daughter just brought home two bags of your Organic Valencia oranges…..WOW!! We all agree that we’ve not had the good pleasure of tasting a “real orange” since moving here 21 years ago!! No words can express how grateful we are for these oranges!!

We’ve enjoyed your fabulous website, too!! Wonderful philosophy etc….Just what the planet needs in these days of people forgetting what real values and produce is all about. I want my grandchildren to be aware that “real oranges” do not taste like cardboard! 🙂

Thanks again

~Hugs to you all, Louise Nason and family

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