Organic Grapefruit


8/5lb & 8/5lb bags / Bulk 38lb

Rainbow Valley Orchards Grapefruit provides a succulent, sweet and sour grapefruit to liven up any ordinary meal with a fresh tart finish. It also nourishes the body with a powerful combination of nutrients and antioxidants that aid in weight loss, boost your immune system, and reduce cholesterol levels.


8/5# 7 51972 03102 7 42lbs 14.5×12.5×14 8T/5H/40
8/4# 7 51972 03100 3 34LBS 14.5X12.5X14 8T/5H/40
32/36ct 94285 43LBS 17x11x10.75 9T/6H/54
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