Organic Oranges

Rainbow Valley Orchards invites you to add a little sweetness to your diet with a fresh segment of California’s best Organic oranges. Whether it’s a summer Valencia orange, or juicy fall Navel, or any other of our wholesome fruits, you can indulge in a satisfying, nutrient-rich treat you’ll feel good about eating.

We are proud to offer a year-long program of Tree Ripe California Oranges. RVO works hard to use all growing areas stretching from Arizona to Southern and Central California to properly pick high-sugar, full-color oranges year-round. We guarantee our oranges will always taste like an orange should. See a real live consumer’s e-mail from the state of Colorado.

Valencia Oranges

oranges4lb or 3lb bags / Bulk 38lb

The easy-to-peel skin and tender, sweet flesh makes Valencia oranges perfect for juicing or eating out of hand. The juice is rich in vitamin C, so treat yourself to a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice to maximize its disease-fighting benefits.

10/4# 7 51972 02101 1 42lbs 14.5×12.5×14 8T/5H/40
10/3# 7 51972 02100 4 32lbs 14.5×12.5×14 8T/5H/40
72/88ct 93108 38lbs 17x11x10.75 9T/6H/54
56/48/40ct 94388 38lbs 17x11x10.75 9T/6H/54
113/138ct 94014 38lbs 17x11x10.75 9T/6H/54

Navel Oranges


oranges 4lb or 3lb bags / Bulk 38lb

Rainbow Valley Orchards’ Navel oranges are sweet, seedless and easy to segment. Navel oranges are great for snacking out of hand. Our navels also help fight illness with their high vitamin C content; just one orange contains 130% of a daily recommended value.

10/4# 7 51972 02201 8 42lbs 14.5×12.5×14 8T/5H/40
10/3# 7 51972 02200 1 32lbs 14.5×12.5×14 8T/5H/40
72/88ct 93107 38lbs 17x11x10.75 9T/6H/54
56/48/40ct 94012 38lbs 17x11x10.75 9T/6H/54
113/138ct 94013 38lbs 17x11x10.75 9T/6H/54

My family and I used to live in San Luis Obispo, CA, but now live in a small town in the mountains of Colorado. My daughter just brought home two bags of your Organic Valencia oranges…..WOW!! We all agree that we’ve not had the good pleasure of tasting a “real orange” since moving here 21 years ago!! No words can express how grateful we are for these oranges!!

We’ve enjoyed your fabulous website, too!! Wonderful philosophy etc….Just what the planet needs in these days of people forgetting what real values and produce is all about. I want my grandchildren to be aware that “real oranges” do not taste like cardboard! 🙂

Thanks again

~Hugs to you all, Louise Nason and family

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