Securing A Future

PRAGOR is a cooperation of fair trade organic farmers in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. The association is made up of 20 family farmers. Each farmer owns an average of 8 hectares. PRAGOR was the first avocado association that was certified under the fair trade standards. After some trials and growing pains in the first couple of years, PRAGOR has become a pillar in the community.

PRAGOR and RVO share the same sustainability and quality standards, we want to promote good soil health and pass along our family farms to our children.

Fair trade benefits: Regardless of the market price, PRAGOR knows they can count on the FAIR TRADE standard to continue to provide value and sustainable farming for the next farming year.

PRAGOR’s main plan is to grow a healthy sustainable culture that “the future” can benefit from.

Making Your
Purchase Matter.

Each time you purchase a fair trade product you help support families and causes all over the world.

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