Grower Profiles

Howard Eberly

I have been on my ranch since 1968, farming navel oranges and avocados. I had just retired from the navy, and was still flying for United Airlines. I was definitely a neophyte, but willing to learn. There were numerous people that gave me a lot of help so I learned a great deal. Due to […]

Karen and Marty Burstein

My husband and I used to be busy LA executives. He was a VP and I had a small consulting company. Our son lived in a peaceful farm community Northeast of San Diego. We would relax when we visited. We wanted to simplify our lives when we retired. So, we bought a small existing grove […]

Jay Delaplane

Delaplane Farms is a family run and operated Certified Organic Eureka Lemon farm in Valley Center, Ca. Located on a beautiful hillside, the orchard was started over 25 years ago. The vision to build a home, sustain a farm, and become completely organic was the long-time dream of owner Jay Delaplane. With hard work and […]

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