Best Of Baja

The Best of Baja started as a big idea fueled by dreams. After years of research and planning, we have put together a program that not only brings our big ideas to life, but we are able to help make a difference in a family farmer’s life at the same time. Rainbow Valley Orchards has partnered with a fantastic family farmer to help grow our properties and bring the best quality to the market. We believe in family; our products live and breathe our soul. With continued hard work and commitment to quality, together we hope to bring the Best of Baja to your table.

Sweet Treats


Red Grape Tomatoes are the best out-of-hand treat for all ages. This tomato has been quite versatile over recent years, It has taken the place of beefsteak tomatoes on sandwiches and is great chopped for tacos.

RVO’s Sweet Treats are the best on-the-go option and culinary alternative. We handpicked our proprietary seed for flavor and color.

12/1 Pint 7-51972 08101-5 8lbs 15×10.75×4.75 15×10.75×4.75

Baja Honey


Yellow or Tangerine Grape Tomatoes are fairly new to the market. These tiny oval-shaped Grape Tomatoes
are delightfully sweet but refreshing and are sure to be a favorite for kids and adults who like a healthy snack.

12/1 Pint 12/1 Pint 8lbs 15×10.75×4.75 10T/12H/120

Rainbow Jubilee


Our assortment of mixed Tomatoes are made up of traditional Cherry, Pear and Grape tomatoes along with heirloom Varieties.
We use a number of Pear, Grape, Cherry and Grape varieties that are full of flavor and offer a Jubilee of color.
This pack is perfect for every taste bud.

12/ Half Pint Pint 7-51972 08201-2 4lbs 15×10.75×4.75 10T/12H/120

Devil’s Alley Habaneros


Our Habanero gets its name from a historical point in discovery of “California Island” or, as we know it now, California.

On September 28th when Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landed on the coast of Mexico (Baja California) he and his men set out to cross into California and came across an area where thermal vapors rose from the ground. They believed that was where the Devil himself passed into the present. The Conquistadors named this area The Devil’s Alley. They got back on their boat to discover Asia and landed in San Francisco.

Devil’s Alley Habaneros are amazingly hot but, used correctly, the heat subsides and the flavor pops. See our weekly update on how to cook with Habaneros.

12/ Half Pint 7-51972 08402-3 4lbs 15×10.75×4.75 10T/12H/120



The Jalapeno, an amazing culinary chameleon. Most people associate the Jalapeno with spicy and hot. However, the Jalapeno is misunderstood.

When the pepper is de-seeded and de-veined then sautéed, it will take on a Bell Pepper flavor. The Jalapeno can be used many different ways and cooked to bring different flavors to any dish. See our Facebook page for recipes.

12/1 Pint 7-51972 08401-6 8lbs 15×10.75×4.75 10T/12H/120

Jamaican Heat


The Jamaican Habanero is an assortment of Caribbean wild seeds. The peppers take on a Scotch bonnet pepper look and spice level, but the colors expressed are as bright and amazing as the region from which they derive.
Spice up your life and introduce some heat into your weekly menu. See our Facebook page for a “jerk” recipe.

12/Half Pint 7-51972 08 TBA 4lbs 15×10.75×4.75 10T/12H/120

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