Post May 11th and May 14th ACP Meetings Summary

Date: 7-19-16
To: All Organic Citrus Growers
From: Rich Hart
Re: Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) Update!!

Two local meetings during Week 28 of 2016 (May 11-15th) produced the following important information worth noting for Organic Citrus Growers in So. California:

• Psyllid Management Areas (PMA of 25 to 35 growers) formed in Central California region that treat (spray) at the same time (2 to 4 week period) have shown greater control of ACP.

• Organic Growers must spray (Entrust) more often than Conv. Growers if they want effective control. The message was for each conventional spray, organic needs to spray twice.

• Ventura County Organic Growers and “anti-spray” public are resisting the CDFA’s instruction to spray. Only 40% of commercial growers are reportedly participating in the spray program!

• Dr. Graham, Soil Microbiologist with University of Florida cited the need for good soil biology to support a strong root health and nutrient update to help fight HLB. Hence, the importance of Organic materials that enhance soil microbial life!

• New Methods/Research include:
1. ACP “Live” trapping, using pheromones/attractants
2. Antibiotics via systemic injection (Florida)
3. Root Stock testing (when HLB virus is introduced)
4. Tristesa virus injected into HLB virus
• Local Task Force is recommending 3 sprays per year.  The Task Force will guide growers via email when those 3 times will be. Our Position is still 2 times per year and Releasing Beneficial insects in the summer (which Jim Davis and ESI, Inc. is about to do shortly).

• I am starting a PMA for my immediate area in Fallbrook. I will keep you posted on progress.

Best regards,
Rich Hart