Howard Eberly

Howard Eberly
I have been on my ranch since 1968, farming navel oranges and avocados. I had just retired from the navy, and was still flying for United Airlines. I was definitely a neophyte, but willing to learn. There were numerous people that gave me a lot of help so I learned a great deal. Due to some very cold weather I lost a lot of avocados so I decided to try grapefruit along with my navel oranges, about 1990. Organic was not yet on the horizon. That occurred for me in 2005. A good friend suggested that I try organic as it was the up and coming way to farm. He suggested Rainbow Valley Orchards, (RVO) since they were very close to my ranch.

It was a little different way to farm because of all the stringent rules about pesticides and what you could use and what you couldn’t. That made it a lot more labor intensive. However, it is a lot more satisfying to know that it is a better product. I now have a system to inject fertilizer when I run the regular irrigation, a huge decrease in time and effort.

The help from Rich Hart, the part owner of RVO, has been a great help and assistance to my efforts to grow fruit that I can be proud of. His help and words of encouragement have always been helpful. The staff at RVO are great people to work with and always ready to help. RVO does all my marketing and they do an excellent job. Good fruit makes customers very happy, and gets the grower an excellent return.
-Howard Eberly
Eberly Grove