November 05, 2015 SD County Summary

San Diego County Asian Citrus Psyllid Update

Recently San Diego County grower liaison Enrico Ferro participated in a meeting for San Diego County organic growers hosted by Rainbow Valley Orchards and Crop Production Services. Attendance was strong with around 75 people and the meeting covered a lot of ground in regards to managing the spread of the Asian citrus psyllid. The crowd was encouraged to vigilantly monitor for signs of the psyllid and work with a pest control advisor to treat effectively. Attendees agreed that doing nothing would be a mistake.

Also discussed was the formation of Psyllid Management Areas (PMA) to help support a possible area-wide management strategy in the region. Area-wide management is a strategy where growers in a specific area coordinate management efforts to maximize the impact on psyllid populations. PMAs are small manageable zones where a grower network is established to work together to implement area-wide management efforts. To learn more about area-wide management, click here to see a short video: For questions about forming PMAs in the region, please email Enrico at

The Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program also encourages you to brush up on best management practices to follow when out in the field to help control ACP populations. Thank you for your continued cooperation and help in this effort.